Rather like cats…

High in the cold air of the mountains
Where rain and clouds are rarely seen
I sit and dream of lush tropical green,
Hot humidity and refreshing fountains

And next week, I will be longing for a breeze
To freshen the the humid, insect-thick nights
Yearning for the coolness of the heights.
Humans are such hard creatures to please!

This was written for read-write-poem’s prompt – to write about the negative side of “fun in the sun” – check out other poets’ work here.

I am about to travel from high in the Andes (where the tropical sun is weakened by altitude and winter) to Central America, where neither of these cooling influences will apply in summer at sea level! It’s a tempting prospect now, but I have a feeling I will be glad to come back again!


5 responses to “Rather like cats…

  1. polkadotwitch

    ooh, yes, humidity is on the axis of evil. 🙂 you will be glad to escape it when the time comes.

  2. It’s interesting that what the speaker has and what they want are included in the same sentence. It’s as if just mentioning what we have ignites the desire for what we don’t. Great poem.

  3. The air is so dry here that I find it virtually impossible to keep hydrated, and I’m using up lip salve and moisturiser at a shocking rate! So from this perspective humidity really doesn’t sound too bad!

  4. Nathan – I suppose it partly depends on what aspects of our experience we’re focussing on – the positive or the negative. I think also that a change is often good!

  5. Sometimes you really just can’t win – Love the title!

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