In the night

Someone, somewhere is playing a tune
his fingers strumming in the gloom
on the trembling strings. And my heart
echoes the pulse of his subtle art.
Someone, somewhere is playing a tune,
calling to me through the rainswept dark.
In the unknown distance, under the moon
someone, somewhere is playing a tune
on the trembling strings of my heart.

This is a response to the picture above, by newjack at photobucket, the Monday mural at poefusion.  My response came to me as a very complete visual and aural image, though it’s nothing I’ve ever experienced! It started as a triolet but I modified it because I didn’t want the refrain lines to appear together until the final couplet, and because the repetition just seemed to work better this way.


16 responses to “In the night

  1. Perched on a windowsill,
    the air still,
    I listen
    and hear…

  2. I imagine this tune that’s playing is beautiful so I will stretch my ears to hear it with you. Nice job. Keep up the good work. Have a nice day.

  3. Hey I love that image, it’s something about those lines in the background that look like strings

  4. Great weaving of the repeating lines. I agree with your decision to wait for the merging until the final couplet.

  5. i am an avid fan of repetitive verse,, so this one really “struck a chord” with me.. excellent…

  6. this is really beautiful.

  7. Wow. It would make a great song as well. Well done.

  8. Excellent repetitions! The subtle change in meaning is so smooth and natural…like a song itself!

  9. A beautiful and technically accomplished poem that fits beautifully with the image you have chosen. A marvelous response to the prompt.

  10. This does fit beautifully with the picture, I can hear it being sung. What a gift you have.

  11. What a gorgeous poem to accompany such a brilliant vision.

  12. Enjoyed this and the image. The pairing reminds me of a reading I heard about a year ago with poet, Tyehimba Jess. leadbelly: poems

  13. Glad I got here! I don’t how I had missed reading this!

    trying to find a meaning

  14. Beautifully evocative.

  15. What a talented entry.
    You make this photo look like Life is Art.
    Beautiful writing…

  16. Picture and words in perfect harmony. I’m so glad I stopped here.

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