If your blog is your home, show us around…

The door is always open, and visitors are welcome.

The picture in the hall that you see as you enter
is a flying pelican that I saw one bright day,
walking hot and happy along a pure white beach
in the Galapagos islands.
May you find the happiness and peace
that I felt on that day beside the pacific surf.
(But ssh… don’t tell the pelican that
thanks to photoshop he’s now
flying in the opposite direction!)

As you explore, you’ll find
That there are pictures everywhere.
Glimpses of the beautiful places
I have been privileged to see.

And some photos I have been happy to
borrow from the generous collections of others
– each carefully chosen
because it means something to me
and I hope it will mean something to you, too.

Come and riffle through the papers on my desk.
You’ll see the quill still shiny with fresh ink
freshly used to arrange words
in pleasing patterns around
the ideas and emotions
that mean most to me.

You won’t see my face,
But you’ll hear my story.
My heartbreak and recovery.
My silence and my self-expression.
My scepticism and my spirituality
Serious musings and cheerful humour.
Words to a lover who refused to hear them.
Words to a lover I have not yet met.

Oh, and sometimes you’ll hear
drifting down from upstairs
(sweet, but surprisingly loud)
the sound of my voice
singing songs to heal a broken heart.

(I have to admit, my favourite
of the many useful things in the corridor
is the map of the world, full of red drawing pins.
I love to look at it. For I feel full of wonder that
my words are being read
in Mongolia and Mauritius, Iceland and Iran, Alaska and Australia.)

So come in
Sit down. Kick off your shoes.
Be comfortable.

I hope you find this
a harmonious space.
One where you can come to feel renewed,
as well as entertained and philosophised-at.

A place where you can feel
that your pains are understood
but also believe they can be transformed.
That no tunnel is endless, however dark it seems.

A place of peace and gentleness
where I share the wisdom I have gleaned –
a modest but sincere offering.

And please, leave a comment
In the visitor’s book
Before you leave!

You’ll see, if you look
the inspiration and comments
of the wonderful visitors
who have enriched my writing, my blog and my life
through their generous sharing of words, images and thoughts.

So please, join the conversation.
For the door is always open, and visitors are welcome.

This responds to a prompt at Rockin’ Chair Writers to show readers around your blog as if it is your home. I saw it and immediately realised that this was just what I had been wanting to do!


12 responses to “If your blog is your home, show us around…

  1. Thank you, thank you for using the prompt so… delightfully?

    Are you sure it’s not the surf that got turned around?

  2. Thanks Brian… it was just the prompt I was looking for!

    Pelican, beach and surf all got turned round together, so hopefully the pelican doesn’t feel too lost!

    Oh, and I had to stretch some of the waves to make the picture wide enough for the banner… but sssh… don’t tell anyone!

  3. Great description of your blog, lirone…I think it’s pretty accurate.


  4. What a wonderful invitation! Who could possibly resist….? G

  5. I like the easy-going style you used here! Makes me feel very welcomed. Thanks!

  6. Don’t mind if I do, nice place you have here. 🙂 Thank you for the warm welcome and I’ll be checking out that poem.

  7. Yeah, I loved this – what a great use of Brians prompt. I for one will be back to check out your permalinks! (hope that doesn’t sound too rude!).

  8. A beautiful introduction to your blog. I will be back to read more (real life intrudes right now).

  9. Very nice, inviting. It was fun to know where the pelican came from and that you had changed its direction. That’s a detail I’ll think of every time I come here, for as long as the pelican flies on your blog.

  10. Mmmm, it’s looking nice and busy in the living room!

    Ybonesy, I think the pelican will continue to fly here for some time… I chose the photo rather randomly because a) it’s a lovely, peaceful photo and b) it worked well as a horizontal strip, but I’ve become fond of him which ever direction he’s flying in!

  11. Oh… dropped in from Sunday Scribbling 27th July, and am wandering around here, quite delighted with this invitation to your blog as your home. I’ll probably be returning for tea from time to time.

  12. Just leave me a comment and I’ll put the kettle on!

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