My oldest friend

We grew up together, so naturally
I know her better than any other soul
Passing together through puberty
As adults, discovering how to become whole.

She would argue with me, her words burning
And toward her alone I express bitter rage
With time and practice, we are finally learning
How to avoid this soul-destroying exchange.

And with that understanding, life is good,
For we are never apart. And I advise
Her lovingly, as a best friend should –
Patient with the weaknesses, so clear to my eyes

And proud about the strengths that I see.
For truly my oldest friend… is me.

Inspired by Sunday Scribblings’ prompt to write about “my oldest friend”.


12 responses to “My oldest friend

  1. Oops, also your oldest enemy, I take it. Well done. I liked the format and the rhyme.

  2. we can be our own worst enemy and yet our very best friend as well…

    this was expressed very well…

    nicely done.

  3. Nicely done. Liked the twist at the end.

  4. How lovely to be so at peace with yourself . A really nice read with a totally unexpected ending.

  5. You caught me with the unexpected ending… engaging piece. 😉

  6. This is my favorite so far (of the Sunday Scribblings posts). Perfect poetry that penetrates the soul!

  7. Great! Love the ending!

  8. It is so clear isn’t it, we can only be loved when we love ourselves.


    Well done1

  9. being your own best friend is truly an art and a gift – what a nice post!!!

  10. So nicely done. Love the snappy pace and the oh-so-true-for-so-many-of-us ending!



  11. Well done! I had to go back and read it as you, very clever!

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