Slow times

Some days walk slowly past.

or dawdling,
or just plain tired.

On the flat path,
yesterday’s pebbles become
daunting obstacles
(remember –
it’s much, much easier
to trip over a molehill
than a mountain.)

Nowness is diluted.
Vividness muted.

Nothing is wrong and yet
each moment is heavy
with the absence of 
the active joy 
of everything going just right.

Muscles miss the effort of climbing
as much as the easy swing of descending.

Time dawdles from day to day
wrapped around bright flashes of
things that insist on being noticed.

But these slow times
are just as much a part of life
as the roaring torrent of ecstasy and heartbreak that is love,
or the surge of adrenaline in a body facing times of stress and change.

Patience is as necessary as courage.
And the flat path is also
part of the journey.

So I walk on
through the ambling days. Certain
that interesting times are ahead.


I’d forgotten that this week’s Totally Optional Prompt was to write about tempo… but maybe it was working away in the back of my mind, because I wrote this, and only after writing it realised that this was very appropriate to the prompt!


10 responses to “Slow times

  1. very nice thoughts in this, I enjoyed reading it.

    Thanks for your comment on my poem, you’re right about adding in the contrast of the swallow’s longer life, I think my poem may extend itself quite a lot in fact but I couldn’t work it all out in the timescale we had…

  2. There’s an irony there… not enough time to fully extend a poem about time! Look forward to reading a fuller version if you decide you want to write one!

  3. that first line is a winner. the whole poem has an ambling pace…

  4. Love that beginning line! It really captured me. Sometimes, I just crave those slow days! Good poem!

  5. Yeah, I like this, love that word Nowness!

  6. Yes, your tempo fit your subject matter very nicely! I too was struck by the first line – it grabs the reader’s attention. 😀

  7. “Nowness is diluted.
    Vividness muted.”

    I loved this.

    tears trickle slowly

  8. Really good read. I enjoyed the quiet tension.

  9. I’m particularly fond of:

    “Time dawdles from day to day
    wrapped around bright flashes of
    things that insist on being noticed.”


  10. I’m glad this worked for so many of you… I was slightly worried that a poem about slowness would be dull, so I’m very encouraged by your comments!

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