What is good…

The essence and source of all that is good
Shines brilliant and warm in human eyes
Honesty, courage, imagination and love
So common – and yet such a inspiring surprise.

Not all eyes, I concede, but from so valiantly many
Bright strength shines to lighten human lives.
Beyond frailties, foibles, fashions and fears
Rises the courage of a human who strives.

Though sometimes I feel unworthy of love
And, criticised, doubt what I know to be true
Though courage or imagination falter at a challenge
I am humbled and exalted, for I know my light shines too.


This is in response to the first prompt over at Rockin’ Chair Writers – good luck Brian, I think it’s an excellent idea!

My offering feels a little greeting-card-ish, but I wanted to say it! I might come back with something more poetical later!


2 responses to “What is good…

  1. Thanks for participating and hope to see you back this Friday for the next prompt.

    I love this poem and it’s not a greeting card, it’s from the heart.

  2. So many people are good.



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