Inevitable chance

Sometimes I wonder – “Just how we will meet?”
In the elegantly intimate embrace of tango?
Clumsily colliding on some unfamiliar street?
Or both reaching out for the same plump mango?

Voices finding harmony in spontaneous duet?
Or a very civil handshake in an office’s formality?
Wrestling with each other in a martial artist’s sweat?
Arguing about the state of affairs bizarrely called normality?

Defying fear of strangers on the underground at night?
Or comfy on a friend’s introductory settee?
Surfing in the tangled web of true and false bytes?
But there’s no point guessing where and when it will be!

One day it will seem that our souls were born to merge.
But only by chance will our paths at last converge.

A sonnet inspired by Sunday Scribblings’ prompt to write about a chance encounter. It’s both serious and light-hearted, which is very much the way I’m taking my search for a new partner!


21 responses to “Inevitable chance

  1. I was drawn by this sentence ” In the elegantly intimate embrace of tango?” to read the rest of your poem. Nice job. Your words slip from my lips and they feel sensitive and sincere.

    I’m not a poet myself, but I appreciate the poet who can string words together that allow me to experience the emotion that bubbles from inside their being. Thank you.

  2. What an elegant response in sonnet form! Very imaginative use of specific sites and events. Thank you for such a pleasing response to the prompt. (Such a prompt response to the prompt, as well!),

  3. One day it will seem that our souls were born to merge.

    I like that!

  4. poetry is not my forte, so i roundly admire those who can write it – i really enjoyed all the what-if and maybe scenarios of a meeting – so well done!!!

  5. lovely. i like how much you managed to fit into this.

  6. wow, i can imagine those simple events as a chance encounter for two soul to merge…
    and which one do you prefer?

  7. Thanks for all these encouraging comments!

    Which would I prefer, La? As a singer the duet scenario has a particularly romantic charge… for me singing duets is a very special experience, and it would really be special for me to be able to share this with the person I loved – even if this wasn’t how we first met!

  8. Nicely imagined. I hope the encounter that brings you much happiness is as enchanting as your poetry.


  9. I adore this sonnet. You’ve taken the prompt and really made it your own with this.

  10. Believe me or not, I completely related to this sonnet!

    defining boundaries

  11. What a lovely daydream, to sit and wonder how, not if, you will meet.

    I hope your meeting comes soon, and I hope you’ll then share with us the manner in which it happens.

  12. Thanks for all these encouraging comments, both about the poem and its subject.

    I’m definitely not sitting around daydreaming though… each imagined encounter is staged in a scene from my life, which I continue to get on happily with living.

    As well as being fun in itself, I do believe that living my life to the fullest, both maximises my chances of meeting the right person for me, and ensures that I’m in the right space of mind to make the most of that opportunity!

  13. Beautiful poem. nicely written and captivating from the first lines.

  14. I like “bizarrely” and “reaching out for the same plump mango.”

  15. Lovely poem. Long may souls merge!

  16. Elegant is exactly the right word for this lovely sonnet. Very nice work!

  17. this is a beauty… a most enjoyable venture thru what the future holds… i often ponder these very thoughts…

  18. This is a delightful poem. I can see and sense the excitement of chance romance and meeting. Wonderful!

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  20. emiliatrinity13

    love in the unexpected moments inspires the dream that it might indeed occur.

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