Strand by strand
the tangled threads that
(once upon a dream)
bound us tightly together
were pulled apart.

Like kites we soared
until our confused lines
limited our flight
brought us down
to earth and the sad work
of disentanglement.

Some threads ripped out violently
By our sudden, painful fall.
Some that starved for lack
of even the simplest interaction.
Some simply faded with time.

And so there is no pain any more
for the confused tangle
that once bound my heart
like fishing line in a swan’s throat
is untangled. Gone.

The fears, the little dependencies,
The habits and insecurities
All stripped away.

And all that is left
is the single thread,
straight and pure
(uncorrupted by
any self interest)
of my love for you.

Now when I receive no benefit,
not even interaction,
now alone I can be sure
that no more self interest
is tangled in my love –
and that even among the tangles
that caused us both fear and pain
I truly loved you.

Stretching into the distance
towards the place where you vanished
I don’t know if that simple thread
of my love can reach you
in the distance you fled to.

But down it my heart freely pours
kind wishes and compassion
with no expectation of return.

Thread of life – tangled up, originally uploaded by ♥ up the faraway tree ♥.


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