Words burn inside me – words of anger
Bitter, twisted words of rage
I don’t want to utter them
For there’s enough hurt in the world
So they scatter

Words reach out from my heart – words of love
Sweet and tender and wry
I want to speak them strong and clear
But there’s no one to hear me
So they scatter

Words tempt me with art – words of beauty
Proud with elegantly flowing passion
But as I reach for their beauty
It seems to fade like the rainbow’s gold
So they scatter

Words weep in my eyes – words of grief
Poignant and mournful and weary
But why share my grief with a world
That already knows it too well
So they scatter.

Words beat at my lips and fingers – words that speak
Words that tell the human story
Yet somehow today is not their day
I hope one day to find a way to share them
So they scatter.


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