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Sometimes I really feel the strain of being alone in a foreign country, doing a difficult and unpopular job…. Right now it’s making me really tired and demoralised. There comes a time when you’re just too tired to do the things – like going out to tango classes – that cheer you up and bring you into contact with friendly human beings. I’m having one of those evenings now, and it’s not fun. One of the most difficult things is that there are long periods when I’ve done all I can and just need to wait for other people to do the things I’m waiting for – so I’m not only stressed but bored a lot of the time!

I know it won’t last – the weekend is nearly here, we’re making progress on the difficult issues that are wearing me down, so next week should be better, and in 10 days I’m going to be travelling to a neighbouring country – a change of scene and a bit of tourism will do me the world of good, I think!

In the meantime it feels like blogging, and reading other blogs, is the only thing that’s keeping me sane. I’m slightly worried I’m churning out too many posts and overwhelming my poor patient readers, but there’s always the delete button if it gets too much!

It does help hugely to be able to express what I’m going through, and, at the same time feel that I’m doing something productive and creative through writing poetry. And the friendly, supportive comments that people have been leaving are manna for a tired soul.

Tomorrow will be a better day…


8 responses to “Blog life-raft

  1. i can tell you are lonely,, but you are doing a very good job of being productive in your loneliness.. i am not in a foreign land,, i just live a very isolated life style,, and i feel much the same way .. so you are not alone.. if you are looking for isolated people.. i would say that bloggers are an excellent jumping off point….

  2. Thanks Paisley, it’s good to know I’m not really alone!

    I have a fairly high tolerance for loneliness, but I’m getting rather more than I like at the moment. Though I’m lucky that this is just a temporary period in my life, and in just a few months I’ll be returning to my real home, where my friends are in more than virtual reach!

  3. As I was checking in on the last post I’d commented on, it did seem that a whole bunch of new posts had sprung up . Such creativity coming out of the moment’s loneliness. And connection.

  4. Thanks for dropping by again ybonesy – I just counted and in the last four days I’ve published six poems and five serious posts!

    It does help hugely that all the emotions churning up in these days have somewhere to go. And that, at the end of the day, I can look back and feel that this time hasn’t been wasted, that out of the confusion and stress and exhaustion there has come something positive and creative.

    And I know I am not alone.

  5. You rock and your blogging inspires me. I wrote about it in part in a recent post, but it’s great.

  6. i think all that writing is the best cure for loneliness. keep them coming. you’re great :]

  7. Lissa and symbolicgodzilla – thanks for your support and enthusiasm – it means a lot!

  8. I hope it’s not a sign of voyeurism that I eagerly await each new post and am disappointed when there isn’t one. All this to say that you needn’t apologise to ME for being prolific! 😉

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