Talking about difficult issues

I need to have a difficult conversation with someone at work. I don’t want to have it, but if it were just up to me I would just get on and do it and get it over with. But there are a few things I need to sort out first, and I’m dependent on other people. So it’s dragging on, and I can’t make progress. Every day I go into the office hoping I’ll be able to resolve it, but there’s always something else needs to happen first. So at night I find myself going over the decision, and rehearsing the conversation, in my mind. It’s such a nuisance… I wish I could just get it done and out of the way!

In the meantime I find it’s difficult to  concentrate on other things that need to be done. Particularly things involving the same person. The whole situation is adding unnecessary tension to my working life, which is difficult enough anyway. So I find myself blogging at work (which I normally don’t do at all!) to distract myself from this problem I can’t yet resolve. It does help, particuarly blogging specifically about the problem as I’m doing now…. hopefully having got this off my chest I will be able to start doing something productive again. 

And with a bit of luck I’ll be able to resolve the problem this afternoon. And if not, there’s tango this evening, which is always an excellent distraction from all work-related problems!


7 responses to “Talking about difficult issues

  1. Well, the discussion has at last taken place… not easy, but I am trying to remember that I am just the messenger here, and even if others are shooting me, it actually has very little to do with me.

  2. Good that you got it done Lirone. It must be a relief and best not to take it personally!

  3. Thanks Nita – it is a relief in many ways, though it’s not entirely over so will rumble on for a bit longer. Sigh.

    I do try not to take it personally, but it’s hard because I’m the one on the scene – I just have to keep telling myself that I am neither the person who made the promise in the first place (if it was ever made!) or the person who has decided that we cannot do what people believe they were promised.

  4. After all that, tango was cancelled tonight… never mind, there’s another class on thursday and meantime I’ve treated myself to some chocolate brazil nuts!

  5. Tango… when in doubt, dance. I like the philosophy. At least you’ve managed to confront it and that’s better than letting ugly things fester.

  6. oh it is the dragging on that makes it ever so much more difficult… i hope you have been allowed to resolve it and get it over with by now…..

  7. Well, partly resolved in the sense that we’ve started the discussion, but not entirely because I need a final decision from my boss. If there were things that I could do about it, rather than just waiting, I think it would feel better.

    Still, there’s tango on tonight, tomorrow and Saturday, so I’ll survive!

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