The women that will be

In days that I will never see
Walking tall and proud,
Quickly and securely step,
These women that will be.

Strands of gold and jewels bright
Adorn their slender forms
Their freedom constrained only
By the slender weight

Of a chatelaine chain that holds the key
(a burden serious but sweet),
freely accepted, freely worn –
Of mature responsibility

I cannot see their faces yet –
For the twining helix sentences
That one day will shape their birth
Have still not even met.

This was inspired by this week’s Monday mural at poefusion. An interesting image this week – quite abstract so difficult to know where to start. But then suddenly I saw that the shapes looked like jewels strung across a woman’s body… and the poem followed from there.


2 responses to “The women that will be

  1. Your poem has the mysteriousness of the future embedded in it. Nice!

  2. your poem is great. i feel there is promise for a future where women allow their bodies proper growth and maturity instead of being malnourished and emaciated. what a wonderful message you have sent the women with this poem. thanks for sharing. have a nice day.

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