When I watch you – terza rima

When I watch you, I see the games you play
I see the hopes you are afraid to dream
The fears that drive you to push and stray

When I watch you, I see your false smiles beam
I see the defensiveness in your eyes
And I also see your frail humanity gleam

When I watch you, my smile implies
That naivety underlies my respect
And yet I am not unaware of your lies

When I watch you, I know what is in prospect
The pain that others’ choices have forced on you
And yet I cannot give you all that you expect

When I watch you, I feel affection and concern, it’s true –
But still I am watchful of the flaws deep in you.


This is inspired by a prompt at readwritepoem – to write a poem based around the line “when I watch you”. For once, this isn’t a poem in any way about my ex!



4 responses to “When I watch you – terza rima

  1. Nice form to match the refrain. An interesting portrayal of human insecurities and disimulation. Thanks for playing along at RWP!

  2. Thanks – glad you liked it. Terza rimas are very satisfying to write!

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