Primary fears

A thousand miles away,
Beyond my reach,
In a system I do not
Trust or understand,
Twisted arguments,
False evidence,
Hyped presentation,
Double standards,
Cloaked prejudice,
Personal vitriol,
Distorted images
And outright lies
Are wrapped in layers
Of endless spin
And force-fed to
A divided nation
Powered by the money
Of selfish patronage.
All this is shaping a choice
I cannot influence
That will affect my life
And billions more.
Vote wisely, America…
I am scared

8 responses to “Primary fears

  1. Vote wisely… but will it truly change anything? I hope so.

    Symbolic Godzilla – Mass Media Melts My Mind

  2. Or don’t vote at all. 🙂

  3. Yeah, vote wisely quit watching TV. It is the only ballot box. Unless you believe in Walmart. Excellent poem

  4. I think many have these fears.

  5. Your vote only counts if there is something worth casting it for

  6. Same fears all over the world when elections atre taking place. Good one!

    is it what is called love poetry?

  7. genuine points
    nice poem

  8. Great poem. Vote wisely indeed. I plan to.

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