After waiting to be rescued – Monday Mural poem

After waiting to be rescued for far too many years
I feel it’s time to investigate alternative careers
I had such high expectations of the arrival of my knight
But when he finally got here, well he’s just not quite…
As shiny as I was expecting. Actually rather a feeble wreck:
One sneeze from the dragon and he was stretched out on the deck
So I picked myself up, and, though I’m not especially brave,
I triggered a neat little rockfall that sealed the dragon into its cave.
I could try to wake the knight up – I feel I ought at least to learn his name
But he’d probably find my rescuing him a source of deepest shame.
So instead I’ll head off into the world, leaving him lying here
I suspect that I will cope quite well with any perils that may appear.
And really, not much happens when you’re part of a dragon’s hoard
Whatever dangers are out there, it must be better than being bored!


This was inspired by the picture above, the monday mural at poefusion – the image is by pokermedic at photobucket.

I must confess that at the back of my mind I had the brilliantly funny poem “Not my best side” by Ursula A Fanthorpe, which I thoroughly recommend.


8 responses to “After waiting to be rescued – Monday Mural poem

  1. oh this was brilliant.. and the way it compliments the prompt is inspired… what a pleasure all around!!

  2. This is great. I have read it twice now and each time I have enjoyed it very much. Thanks for sharing a wonderful piece. Have a nice weekend.

  3. I had a lot of fun writing this one – great Monday Mural!

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  5. poem and picture go perfectly together

  6. Excellent use of couplets! The rhymes are fresh and the story is entertaining!

  7. Wonderful! Wonderful!

  8. If only you’d been rescued earlier, knights were much more attractive in the old days.

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