cloud forest valley

Another photo from a recent trek – I love the green lushness of these cloud forest valleys.



5 responses to “cloud forest valley

  1. That’s quite a beautiful picture

  2. Beautiful.

  3. As you descend from the Andean Altiplano – the barren high plateau around 5000m – the shale and rock gradually starts to be touched by green. Small flowers appear, and you start to see clouds in the valley below. The little streams that flow from the snow-capped mountains join into rivers. You see the first trees, and the air in front of you becomes mistier.

    As the moist air rising from the amazon basin below is pushed higher and higher up the mountains, it starts to lose its moisture – at the top of the mountains the air is too cold to hold any moisture at all, so it is very dry, but just below, around 3500m, there is a band of mist and drizzle.

    Here you find the cloud forest, a forest of mists and rains, of clouds and lush green vegetation. Some of the areas we walked through were just covered in huge drops of dew – like the flower in my earlier post flowers in the dew

    A beautiful part of the world!

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