Celebrities I look like… and celebrities I don’t!

I’m not a big celebrity follower, indeed rather the reverse, but I’ve been having fun with the face recognition tools on the MyHeritage website… I was rather surprised to find that one of the photos above looks quite uncannily like me – I won’t say which, but I’m sure people who know me in person will guess at once which one I mean! It’s strange to see features that are recognisably like my own on someone else’s face. I would never claim to look half as glamorous as Gene Tierney though – perhaps they throw in one incredibly stunning-looking person to make you feel good about yourself!

However, I wasn’t quite so impressed when I tried the same thing with a different photo and the list looked rather different….

Hugh Grant? Thomas Klestil? Colin Mochrie….

Wait a minute, they analysed my photo and thought I looked like Colin Mochrie?!?

Now, don’t get me wrong, he’s a fantastically funny guy but he’s not only the opposite sex, but also rather the opposite end of the hairstyle continuum!

I think I’ll stick with Gene Tierney… 🙂


One response to “Celebrities I look like… and celebrities I don’t!

  1. i am all for gene tierney… and i wouldn’t mid looking like christia ricci either… but dang….. john cusak??????

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