Wood woman, wise woman

Wood woman, wise woman, tall as the sky
Speak from your secret strength – say, who am I?

You are a woman, strong with women’s strength
A birch strength, flexible throughout your slender length
Deep-rooted in myth, yet still reaching up high
Each tiny twig seeking out the truth of the sky

Wood woman, wise woman, old as the air
Speak from your forest home – who will love and care?

A thousand friends across the world and in your home
You are not the sort of person who need fear being alone
Just trust yourself, love yourself, and don’t fear seeming weak
And in unexpected places you will find the love you seek.

Wood woman, wise woman, sensual as the earth
Speak from your curving thighs – say, will I give birth?

I cannot tell your future, and would not if I could
Only living in the present will let you be what you should
But see, even now you are fertile with creation
There are many things you can give the world without procreation

Wood woman, wise woman, vibrant as the flame
Speak from your heart-sap – tell me my name

Singer, dancer, writer, speaker, follower and leader
Show the world your true self, and learn how it needs her
Mother, daughter, friend and lover, challenger wise and true
All these people, and many more, are written deep in you

Wood woman, wise woman, you elemental one
Stay with me and guide me, until my journey’s done.

I found this amazing photo on www.thatsweird.net and immediately wanted to write something inspired by it. What eventually came out rather surprised me, as it’s not the sort of thing I normally write at all – much more mythical and mystical in tone. And I don’t normally talk to myself, but I feel in this poem I gave myself some good, or at least encouraging, advice.


23 responses to “Wood woman, wise woman

  1. The photo *is* amazing, and so is your poem. I loved the repeating part, and especially this:

    Wood woman, wise woman, sensual as the earth
    Speak from your curving thighs – say, will I give birth?

    Really wonderful.

  2. Thrilling picture and your prose does the
    feeling the picture gives, much justice.

  3. i am the founder and editor of Glossolalia (http://www.glossolalia7.com), an on-line journal for flash fiction.

    i am currently conducting a call for submissions for the inaugural issue of Glossolalia. all rights remain with the author.

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    thanks so much, and stay creative!!!

    vesper de vil

  4. great photo, great poem. thanks.

  5. I wish I could claim credit for the photo but it’s not mine. I keep wondering where that tree is, and if it is obviously woman shaped or just when seen from that particular spot by a clever photographer – I also wonder if a little photoshopping went on as it seems too perfect to be a coincidence.

    I am however very happy that you all like the poem – one of those that just seemed to write itself!

  6. hi..
    dat’s amazing..
    dis is real r not?

  7. Nice poem, Pic is a fake but still a creative fake 😉

  8. Ooh Lirone~ this is a spectacular poem. I love how you chose to dig deep into yourself with this one. It’s beautiful. And, yes the photo is photoshopped but, I thought it was beautifully done. And couldn’t resist using it as a Monday Mural. Have a nice day.

  9. I know a tree like this, it looks like a dancer, I like the words that it inspired you to write….

  10. wow. your poem is an ancient chant, one
    that seeps into my bones.

  11. The photo is photoshoped…

  12. I found your blog when I googled for “wise women” images.

    That photo is wonderful. Someone had some great talent to create that. Your poem is truly wonderful. I was thinking that Simon & Garfenkel should put it to music.

  13. The picture is amazingly weird, but its naturally real.

    Your came across that picture so you could write that poem, only you could have broken down a woman’s essence so eloquently and in a nurturing manner. Simply beautiful. Thank you.

  14. it is photoshop edited

  15. yeah, it is photoshoped because you can see the bluring of the lines near the edges of the figure. Very well done though.

  16. The poem…was absolutley mind blowing. The inspiration was converted into words flawlessly. I enjoyed the creativity as well as the message from beginning to end. I hope to hear more

  17. this was such a delight to come upon by chance. I know many who would love this poem. – and the photo, too, of course.

    To Brenda: Simon & Garfunkel? Sure they’ve made beautiful music and this piece deserves such talent, but I would wish a woman songwriter find this piece and play it. Lirone, have you set this to music?

    • I would be honored to produce this piece but I also know a band who love these kinds of things. I personally know one band member and I can recommend it to them.
      Woodland is an awesome band and would be a perfect band to make this poem a song. They perform at FaerieWorlds Festival. look them up. Kimmy is the best! 🙂

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  19. I love your poem and picture!

  20. Just beautiful…encouraging, inspiring, motivating…exactly what I needed today.

  21. I love this pic! Can I borrow this image? I am writing on an article on this subject for Environmental Grafitti. I am a compensated, freelance writer. With your permission, I would link you and your site to the picture. Thanks, Asher Kade

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