Little boy’s toy… another friday five poem

Torn page held tight in his dirty hand
The little boy runs, his eyes intent
Panting with eager delight in his plan.
Until at last, strength almost spent

He bounds happily up the toyshop stair.
A bell announces the entrance of the boy
Into paradise’s market! Finally there….
His breath steadies as he waits, alive with joy,

For his turn. He smooths the crinkled image
Out on the counter, scatters his piggy bank’s bliss
Across the glassy counter’s gleaming mirage.
At last he can ask “do you have this?”

At last the box is lifted from the cart
And he clutches it to his racing heart.

It struck me that many of the poems or texts written for poefusion’s latest friday five (little boy, torn page, market, dirt, cart) including the first one I wrote myself, were rather melancholy in tone. I wondered if this was simply because of what the words suggested, and decided to experiment with the idea of writing a happy poem based around these words. I rather liked the resulting sonnet!

Picture uploaded by the Library of Congress onto Flickr


4 responses to “Little boy’s toy… another friday five poem

  1. well that was just delightful.. i too wonder why so many of the works gravitate toward the dark side.. i tend to write dark,, so does jane.. so those two are very often givens,,, but yourself and some of the others seem to be,, well cheerier writers…

    i really enjoyed this,, and his joy was shared by all…..

  2. You’re right about me liking to write cheerier stuff – the only unrelievedly negative poem on this blog is “kraken”, and even then I felt I needed to add a positive ending in the comments!

    I suppose I find writing poems that don’t have any joy or positiveness in them makes me feel miserable – whereas writing something that tries to express both the darkness of the tunnel and the light at the end helps me to process the initial sadness or darkness.

    In my writing, the standard I aspire to is not primarily to produce something true or beautiful or clever (though I aspire to all these things too!) but to produce something that is healing or inspiring – for me and hopefully also for my readers.

  3. Lirone, I agree most everyone went with something a bit darker than usual. Funny because I didn’t think the words were dark. Still, I enjoyed reading everyone’s poems. Thanks for writing something cheery too. It turned out nicely. I am reminded of when I went to Wal-Mart Thursday and found that they had a Wii Fit in stock. I couldn’t put my money out quick enough. I was so excited. And, I haven’t been disappointed either. Have a nice day.

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