Unexplained happiness

Often recently I’ve found myself experiencing moments of unexplained happiness.

They don’t seem to have much to do with my life circumstances in any obvious way.

It’s just every now and again I feel so glad to be alive, and to be me. Riding up to my apartment in the lift this evening I suddenly just felt like dancing.

It’s a bit like those moments when you’re in the early stages of falling in love and you get those intense flashes of feeling great about yourself and where you are in your life.

Except I’m not in love. And life is certainly no bed of roses at present – full of challenges.

But perhaps that’s why I have these flashes of feeling good about myself – when I feel I’ve dealt well with a challenge, had a productive day, turned a rock into a rose.

I think it’s also got a lot to do with resting comfortably in a sense of who I am, and the value of the person I am. The deep confidence that I won from the teeth of a painful rejection. It’s definitely part of me now, but I tend to forget it quite easily, so I’ve been consciously trying to strengthen that feeling, sometimes doing something close to a meditation practice, othertimes just trying to remember that feeling when things aren’t going well. It seems to be bearing fruit.

I sincerely wish that you, much-appreciated reader, may also experience sunbursts of inexplicable happiness in your life.


3 responses to “Unexplained happiness

  1. Something intriguing struck me… I think I appreciate these moments more because they’re nothing really to do with my life, they’re to do with me and my inner confidence and strength.

    When you get this kind of joy from external sources, like for example being in love, it’s not only more vulnerable to changing circumstances, but also somehow feels less like an achievement!

  2. what a joy filled post… i love that light bulb moment when things just seem so right…sometimes they are few and far between,, but they are ever so much more appreciated when they do come around then…..

  3. As Ursula le Guin says in her Earthsea books:

    Only in silence the word
    Only in darkness light
    Bright the hawk’s flight across the empty sky.

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