Each of us is brilliant with an internal
Light that illuminates inside and out:
Intelligence, that gift that lets us
Teach, learn, discover, describe and

Everyone has it – but not everyone
Learns it is theirs to use and enjoy.
Ignorant that they share this gift, some say
This intelligence and its fruits is

Elitist. But why? Intelligence is not
Like money or status – in sharing it we all become
Information millionaires. Yet crushing forces
Teach many to exclude themselves from the

Expertise should be valued and open to all whose
Learning or curiosity makes their voices worth hearing.
Ignorance should never be prized, just prised open
To let in the light (and the heated debate!) of

Excellence is our birthright. To question is to
Live alive to the world. Having the daring to
Inquire opens the door to discovery. And seeking
Truth is a gift, a joy and a challenge for


An acrostic poem inspired by the Carnival of the Elitist Bastards.


4 responses to “Elite

  1. the longer i live the more convinced i become that the human animal is in and of itself an elitist bastard… be it education consumption materialism religion morality… there is always someone that has established themselves as the pinnacle to which all others should aspire…

    better off we are to walk to the beat of our own drummer….

  2. Well done acrostic! Elitism is a tough concept to wrap one’s brain around; many reasons for, many against , tonal range of opinion in between, as is right. G

  3. I agree elite is a complex word and has both positive and negative interpretations. The idea of elite that I’m working with here, and that of the Carnival I was inspired by, is very much one of “excellence for everyone” – where everyone does indeed listen to the beat of their own drummer and seeks to dance to that beat to the best of their ability.

    So often the word elitist is used to dismiss things that have been produced by the hard work of using the human mind to its fullest – and used to discourage others from believing they can or should do the same. For me that’s a sad diminishment of humanity.

  4. As part of an anti-drug monologue, I sometimes talk about intelligence as a phenomenon in the universe. Most – to a lot of places right of the decimal point – of the universe is cold and dark. A vanishingly small part of it is tangible matter and some of that is white-hot stars or lifeless planets.

    By now we’re down a hell of a lot of orders of magnitude, and we run into planets that can support life – like our planet. But only the thin surface of the planet has any life on it. Few of the animals are large enough to support a multi-layered brain. And then there’s our brains. Self- aware.

    Next to self-awareness, gold is driveway gravel. And what do some people do with their incredibly rare, marvelously unique self-aware human brains? Soak them in alcohol or drugs. It’s like smashing the controls to watch the sparks.

    But a consistent habit of idiotic entertainments may be even worse. It’s like burning the Mona Lisa to keep warm.

    People need to value their own brains. Our culture teaches otherwise.

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