Ups and downs at work

It’s strange how you can get a lot done even when you start a working day feeling dreadful. This morning I couldn’t concentrate, was feeling tired and out of sorts after a deeply unsettling (though I think eventually positive) conversation with a friend. I thought I might as well just go back to bed because I’d never achieve anything.  I had no energy and a real reluctance to get started on anything.

How did I get out of that state? I started tinkering with my to-do list, found something small and simple and got that done, then somehow things started to flow more easily. I think a cup of tea and my favourite choc chip cookies probably helped too!

As the end of the day approaches I realise I’ve made a lot of progress. Glad I resisted the urge to crawl back under the pillow! Would probably have made me feel worse…. sometimes focussing on something concrete is a very effective distraction. 

Now, off to a yoga class with some new friends I’ve made recently.

(PS – apologies for the erratic posting schedule – my home internet access has been out of commission since last Wednesday which is a real nuisance!)


2 responses to “Ups and downs at work

  1. A cup of tea and choc chip cookies most definitely help. 🙂

    I’ve recently learned the same lesson. Start small and before I know it, I’ve had a productive day in spite of starting off all wrong.

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