Out of nowhere…

… a sudden pain like a stab to the heart. Why? I caught a glimpse of a photo of my ex on facebook. After all this time, sometimes there are moments when the hurt springs out of nowhere and spills over into my new life like some sludge of polluted dreams. It’s so rare these days for anything to do with him to hurt, indeed the last time must be well over a month ago, but somehow it hurts all the worse for that.

It’s strange too – it has nothing to do with wanting to see him again, or wishing we hadn’t split up. It’s just simply a flashback to the pain of breaking up… heartbreak reflux?


2 responses to “Out of nowhere…

  1. I think that’s a good term for it: “heartbreak reflux.”

    It’s funny how old pains can come flashing back, sometimes at the oddest times.

  2. And it’s just as strange how the feeling just vanishes again as suddenly as it came… I was a little sad yesterday, but woke up feeling absolutely fine today!

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