In transit (poem)

night on the plane

Suspended in rushing darkness,
Where movement is only a sound.
Alone in the packed compartment,
Far from the anchoring ground

A cargo of hopes and memories.
Strange worlds of scattered thought.
We speed alone together
To destinations unsought.

A limbo of time passing slowly.
A space where distraction is all.
Suspended between past and future
The present as blank as a wall

Obsessed by the past my mind fidgets
The ragged flotsam of old dreams.
Alone with my faded longings –
The tears, the smiles, the screams.

Yet all the time we rush forward
To a future still hidden in night.
Waiting for plan to become reality –
For darkness to give way to light.

 (Photo by anurag prashar at flickr)


One response to “In transit (poem)

  1. I haven’t been on a plane since last Thanksgiving, you brought it all back;
    and you probably got more writing done too!

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