To touch is to be human…


To touch is to be human.
To press skin to skin as if seeking
To transcend the boundaries
Between one being and another.
Giving comfort, taking comfort.
Simple, and strong, and sweet.

To touch is to be human.
Nothing eases soreness better
Than the strength of a massaging hand.
Human reaching out to human.
Soothing the tensions of loneliness,
Of stress, and strife, and separation.

To touch is to be human.
The mind thinks alone, yet
The body knows connection
In every pore and every nerve.
Through touch we create connection –
Subtle, and sensual, and strong.

(Photo by captured soul photography at flickr)


6 responses to “To touch is to be human…

  1. Beautiful Lirone – and an honour to have my photo placed with your work.

  2. Thanks Michelle – both for your comment and for letting me use the photo. The moment I saw the photo on flickr I knew it was perfect for the poem I’d written…

  3. what an amazingly “touching” poem… i know the value of human touch,, as a single woman who spends the majority of my time alone,, it is a rare occurrence… and it is missed…. thanks for adding this to the poems on patchwork poetry….

  4. Hi Paisley – I think you exactly understand the feeling that prompted me to write the poem. I also thought it might be a good poem to patchwork with – let’s see what other people post!

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