Diminishing returns and blog stats

Every now and then my blog has an unusually busy day, and the scale of the y axis on which the traffic stats are displayed suddenly changes. What used to be normal traffic suddenly looks smaller on a graph that has expanded to deal with that one busy day.

It’s always disappointing to see the traffic dip the next day after a spike – even if it’s only returning to figures I used to be quite pleased with. I remember in my first few days of blogging how delighted I was when anyone stopped by…. things have changed!

Just like life – after good times and good relationships, the scale of our graph of satisfaction changes, and we’re less easily pleased next time! But hopefully we’ve also learnt something useful about how to go and find even better times…


5 responses to “Diminishing returns and blog stats

  1. I used to feel that way looking at my stats. Then I remind myself of why I’m blogging and I go back to being happy that anyone visits. 🙂

  2. yes yes yes…i know what you mean. my blip was from an ave of 50 hits a day to 5000 in 2 days. I wrote what turned into a very very popular post about the lunar eclipse followed by a popular poem about it. how to live that blip down?? as now i’m back to ave maybe 60 a day…which is cool but after 5000??

    lots of interesting reading here! i look forward to coming back.

  3. Robin – I entirely agree! It just struck me as interesting how your attitude changes over time…

    Artpredator (great name!) – welcome to the blog – glad you like it. I don’t think I’ve ever had a blip of that scale – I can imagine your stats look even weirder than mine!

  4. lirone, don’t be discouraged by spoty results on your stats. I work for a major newspaper in the south and my pages average about 100,000 hits a day. When I come home and view my stats and see just a handful of hits I’m thrilled.
    I am the webmaster for a number of regular websites, and only one blog. I began the blog simply because I needed a place to vent. Now, even though I’ve discovered that many people drop in to visit, only a few bother to respond. At first this was discouraging. Then I realized, I blog for the satisfaction of expressing myself. The only time I get great responses is when I strike a nerve and then the replies are widely varied.
    I lurk her. Keep writing good stuff. I’m no poet like you and my taste runs more towards Rudyard Kipling than haikus and the deep stuff. But good writing is always appreciated.

  5. Oh, I’m not at all discouraged – in fact I’m delighted with the number of people who drop by and particularly happy when people comment. I’d write all this stuff anyway, so a friendly and appreciative audience is a bonus!

    But it the way the graph changes its axis does strike me as an interesting metaphor for satisfaction..

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