Seas of dreams


Myunderwater21.gif dreams are a shifting ocean of night
Where strange and secret creatures dwell
Far removed from the revealing light.

Randomly my nets dip into the swell
And bring me a shadow back from the deep,
Faint as the sussuration of a shell.

But mostly the secrets are hidden by sleep.
The darkling memories of joy or flight
Are forgotten as I reascend from the deep

This is inspired by readwritepoem’s prompt of “dreams” – for other people’s work on the same topic, click here . I initially found the topic a bit difficult, because I rarely remember my dreams, but then decided to write about the mysteriousness of unremembered dreams!

It’s a slightly modified terza rima – the middle line from the last verse uses the same rhyme as the outer lines of the first verse.


5 responses to “Seas of dreams

  1. This is so wll written that the rhyme is hardly noticeable! The rhythm is that of the ocean, too!

  2. lirone, your poem reads like a song! And the photo is just right for the shadows emerging and descending from the depths of sleep. Your words are lovely.

  3. Beautiful use of the form. I especially love the line: Faint as the sussuration of a shell.

  4. nice rhythm and I know what you mean about dreams being like an ocean…

  5. the image here is very similar to the one in the dream i had last night and which i am writing about for a readwritepoem post i’ll put up later today…

    in fact i think i read your poem as part of the poetry train? maybe it even influenced my dream

    i hope you’ll check out the post later–it should be up about 5pm California time

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