Songs to heal a broken heart 1 – It is all over

Last weekend I wrote a song, the first I’ve written in over 10 years. I think it’s rather beautiful, in a sad way. Because as well as sadness there is also a strength and a knowledge that the pain will be over one day.

It is exactly the sort of song I had been hoping that other people had already written (I know, I know, laziness!), and expresses something that is personal to me and yet I hope universal enough to speak to others too.

It is intensely satisfying to bring something into the world that wasn’t there before. Something that is small, and flawed, but has a strange feeling of inevitability – like it was waiting to be written. It is strangely exciting to know that there is another 2 1/2 minutes of music in the world because of me!

In my mind I have a cycle of about seven songs, charting the journey of recovery that I have been on. I don’t know whether I’ll be able to write them all, but I’d like to try. I’ve already written about the difficulties of writing the sort of accompaniment I would like to write for heartsong.

The song I wrote at the weekend is the first song of the cycle, and it speaks for the time when I first told my friends we were splitting up. When I was sad but strangely calm, still too much in shock to realise the full extent of the heartbreak in store. A calm from which waves of yearning and loss would suddenly swell up and overwhelm me – I’ve written these waves into the song.

I’ll post a recording of it in the next few days to give you an idea what it sounds like. Meanwhile, here are the words:

It is all over…
I can’t believe it.
How can all the love we shared
Be over?

I’m sure it’s better
To end it cleanly
And yet how I long to call him – as if that could
Make it better.

My heart is broken
But not my spirit
And one day I’m sure this pain
Will be over

But how it hurts!

All over!

My love!


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