The creative brain

“The scans imply that there is a very consistent pattern of brain activity linked to creativity: a pattern of heightened senses and self-expression with a lack of conscious control.”

This intriguing combination of factors is quoted in a fascinating article over at Not exactly rocket science on what happens in the brain of a musician who is improvising.

Not perhaps surprising, but it’s somehow satisfying to have confirmation of some of the tips for people trying to write:  pay attention to the world around you and to yourself and your own experience. And then switch off the bit of your brain that blocks inappropriate behaviours and the bit involved in planning and methodical thinking…. and wait and see what happens!

I wonder what they’d get if they scanned the brains of writers experiencing writer’s block – probably hyperstimulation of the controlling and censoring bits!


2 responses to “The creative brain

  1. We were just talking about this topic, well similar, this morning.

    Wondering about education…scanning the brain with seat work that students are constantly asked to do…and scanning the brain during excercise and activity.

    I am sure it has been done…and the results of activity get the brain moving…then why to we keep students in seats for learning?

  2. Thanks for your comments Susan – sounds like you had an interesting discussion. Finding ways to promote learning is always fascinating.

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