“What a relief” – a broken heart revives!

“Fictional hearts can be broken,
Real ones don’t heal all that well.
Amazing to still be here
And what a relief”

My search for songs to heal a broken heart goes on. Yesterday the CD of December Songsfinally arrived – and although I don’t like the singer’s voice much (an odd mix of harsh and breathy sounds), I love the songs! And the sheet music arrived this morning, so all I need now is a bit of time to sit down and learn them!

Here’s a recording of the last song, called “what a relief”. I love its combination of sadness and strength:

What a relief

And here’s the text:

Nothing left but the shouting
Nothing left but the pain
Nothing left but the doubting
Nothing raining but rain
I should be feeling despondent
I should be lost in my grief
But all that I feel inside is
What a relief – what a relief….

My life’s not a short story
My life’s more than pretend
My life has its tomorrows
Stories come to an end
Fictional hearts can be broken
Real ones don’t heal all that well.
Amazing to still be here
And what a relief

No, I don’t regret the day
That I first met you
No, there’ll never be a time
When I’ll forget you
Oh, if only half the things I’ve lived and planned for
Turn out for the best

This will take getting used to
Something new on my mind
Somehow making a new start
Somehow hoping I’ll find
Those moments we can advance to
Moments we have a chance to
Turn a new leaf
Those moments are few
And always too brief
But what a relief!


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