Heartsong (poem)

Fairy and harp

The wind
The wild and terrible wind!
Alone with my ghosts in the darkness,
Alone with the wind that rips music from my harpstrings.

My heart,
Lonely mourning heart,
Pounds in the night for lost hopes:
Rhythmic counterpoint for the wind’s heartsick sighs.

My life,
The cherished illusions I called my life,
Rip away from me scrap by scrap
As the gale hurls me towards the destiny I half feared, half sought.

My strength –
The strength I dared not believe in –
Lives inside me, called up by the darkness.
Heeding destiny’s call in the thrumming of heartstrings.

My song!
The song of my wildness,
My wanting, my freedom, my power.
The music the wind calls from my throat is my heartsong!

I came across this evocative image by Mariposa Viejera at Poefusion’s Monday mural – a weekly image posted to inspire poetry. I wanted to have a try at writing something, but for a few days nothing seemed to want to come. Then last night, kept awake by a wild storm, this poem just turned up in my mind and demanded to be written down!


6 responses to “Heartsong (poem)

  1. i really like the escalating effect of the lines.. how they build on each idea until a crescendo has been reached…

  2. Good morning, Lirone~ I am certainly glad you wrote this down because every word builds to its beautiful end. Life stirs and turns us in directions we least expect but, somehow we manage to find our way. Then one day our strength and freedom is found. Have a nice weekend.

    Also, welcome to Poefusion. I hope to see you around again soon.

  3. I agree with what paisley and Michelle have already said. Your words bring the painting to life in a new way for me.

    Have you seen the prompt for readwritepoem? It’s about repetition. You might like to write a pantoum, which is described there. Since you sing, you might like to write a song in the form of a pantoum. Your poem here reminds me of one because of the repeating syntax from one stanza to the next.

  4. Thanks Michelle and Paisley – for me this is definitely one of those poems with a life of their own and their own energy that sweeps you off somewhere you didn’t really expect to go!

    Christine – interesting thought about a pantoum. I rarely set out to structure my poems in a particular way, though they mostly do end up structured by the time I’m done.

    Mostly I just start writing completely freely, and often notice that there is a pattern spontaneously starting to form. I’ll then go back and rewrite other verses to make them match the structure. That’s how the short first line which is echoed in the second line and the h-s alliteration at the end of each fourth line came about.

    It would be interesting to set out to write a particular structure though – haven’t done that in years!

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  6. Beautiful!

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