Finding my own songs

I’ve only written a few songs in my lifetime, most of them for music coursework years ago. But now I really feel the need to write my own songs to my own words.

In my singing technique I am coming closer to finding the voice that is truly mine – but at the same time I’m pouring that voice into moulds that don’t fit it. I’m a modern woman singing songs written by men in times where women’s lives were entirely different.

I don’t want to sing songs of heartbreak and dependency – I want to sing of the strength of being who I am and the power of interdependence. I want to sing songs that heal broken hearts – songs about growing and learning and becoming.

If I can’t find songs that say what I want to say, I will have to write my own!


6 responses to “Finding my own songs

  1. Hi Lirone,

    Just a short note to let you know that you’re not the only one feeling this way. When I first started to go to singing lessons I found it hard to find my own voice since anyone else’s seemed to sound waay better and still today that matter sort of bugs me so i just sing and don’t worry about my voice anymore coz what really matters is how you feel when you are singing.

    About the song writing I started to write lyrics mainly because everyone seemed to be talking about the same thing using different words and at the end of the day it’s very exasperating to only find songs about the same themes (love, heartbreak so and so). So go ahead, write your own music/lyrics… there are lot of people out there willing to hear new things and far more important willing to sing honest songs.

    Keep it up!


  2. yes write your own song it will make you feel better

  3. keep writing your own songs

  4. Thanks for your encouraging words! I’ve started work on a song, probably the first of a short cycle about recovering from a broken relationship.

    I’ll post recordings here so you can see what you think!

  5. Write your own songs and it might make US feel better! šŸ™‚

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