Hello to my visitors…

Well, I’ve now been blogging for just over 2 weeks – in which time I’ve put up 30 posts and had nearly 50 comments.And I’m really enjoying it. I’ve started some very promising blog-friendships, and really appreciated my visitors’ thoughtful comments. It’s amazingly satisfying to watch the red dots appear on the little world map (thanks Clustrmaps) to show where my visitors have come from… and I’m trying not to get too addicted to checking out my blog stats!

I’ve also learnt some new things in the process – not least finding out more about other people interested in a spiritual journey that is founded on a naturalistic approach to the world. And I’m starting to investigate new possibilities for collaborative writing which seems very interesting.

I’ve expressed also some of my thoughts on issues that have been in my mind, and in doing so I feel I’ve moved forward myself. I’ve definitely moved on to a new phase in recovering from the break-up, and in planning what I want to do next. I hope I’ve also said some things that will be useful or interesting to people interested in similar ideas or on similar journeys.

I’ve still got plenty of ideas for other things to talk about – including the masks we wear, how much time pressure is healthy, how our image of a person we love(d) changes. And I’m sure there are lots of other things that will come up – for me this is a time of reflection and experiment, so I don’t think I’m going to run out of ideas for things to say any time soon!

I’d love to know who’s out there reading what I’m writing – so if you’ve not done so yet, please introduce yourself and let me know what you think, or what you’d like to ask me.


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