Questions and fears

What is this fear
that leaps at me
out of the night?
out of my heart?

How does it freeze
to sudden silence
the will to sing?
the will to speak?

What sun will come
with healing warmth
to thaw my speech?
to thaw my life?

For my heart’s song
is caged like a bird.
What key releases?
What key frees song?

No-one else can,
and I must choose:
Be my own cage?
Be my own sun?

(A poem reflecting on my recent post Taking a risk – in singing.)


One response to “Questions and fears

  1. Beautiful!

    I relate to the meaning of this poem because of the panic fear I’ve had in the past. But really, your words sum up an aspect of the human condition, made all the more apparent by the questions, which any of us could ask.

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