Finding a soulmate

Notes from my search so far (subject to revision at any time!):

  • Above all, be myself – focus on meeting my own needs and realising my own dreams, and growing towards wholeness myself, so I’m ready for a real relationship when the opportunity arises.
  • Look out for other people who are trying to do the same, and try to get to know them. Indeed just generally spend lots of time getting to know people
  • Spend time with people who like me the way I am, and who can be honest without being judgmental
  • Take the time to get to know people. Give people second chances – and third chances.
  • Believe that people can grow and change, but never push them to do so.
  • Don’t ignore the feeling that things aren’t right with a friend or a lover – face the problem and if you can’t resolve it, move on. (I think the biggest block to finding a soulmate is the time we waste trying to convince ourselves that the person we’re with at the time is our soulmate and ignoring the problems that tell us we’re not in the right place.)
  • Don’t get obsessed with looking, just stay open to what comes.
  • Know what really matters (for me, communication is definitely one of them), but in everything else, be open to suprises.
  • People change. Even when you find a powerful connection, don’t expect that you’ll stay together forever – be open to the relationship and willing to fight for it but also able to let go.
  • Spend less time blogging? Well, it’s good to reflect on all of this and explore these thoughts, but I mustn’t overdo it, anyway 🙂

Overoptimistic? Well, perhaps. But the good thing about all of this is that, even if I never find my soulmate(s), this is all good material for a satisfying life!


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