Like a cocoon of wet cotton wool
Your silence stifles me
The words of passion that I long to speak
Are muffled in your refusal
The questions whose answers might set me free
Echo unanswered in my lonely heart.
And tight, and tighter, with each silent day
The folds constrict, soft but stubborn
Locking me into the darkest thoughts of my heart
Winding me in the shroud of our perished love
Binding my limbs that once caressed you
Compressing my love until I yearn to explode!
But I can only implode, mutely weeping;
Anger, grief, hope and pain all rebound on me
And in this cocoon I squirm in transformation
Trying to grow wings and escape this pain.
But my wings are tangled in your silence
Will I ever fly again?

I wrote this shortly after the break up, so a few months ago now. I’m glad to say that I’m now finding a way to escape that cocoon, and build the confidence to fly again. And sharing these words from a dark time is definitely part of that process of breaking the silence.


5 responses to “Silence

  1. Hey, I’m glad you are doing Patchwork Thursday! Your poem is lovely, but sad. Heartache is worse than knee surgery. Sounds trite, but I’ve had both, and they are both hell.

  2. Nice to see you taking part in Patchwork Thursday. This poem resonates a sad brokeness but I feel an underlying strength in it that makes me think:yes, you will fly again.

  3. Thanks mariacristina and poetswhoblog – I’ve found it an interesting process to write my patchwork poem, but I’m sure that finding out what others have written will be even more interesting.

    This poem was written right in the heart of the most intense feeling of heartbreak, at a point when I just couldn’t believe how much it hurt, and even worse didn’t see how I’d ever recover. But I’ve found out since that the human heart is incredibly resilient – I’m here with a smile on my face to prove it!

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