Doing what you love for a living

Singing will always be a part of my life. But does that mean I should try to make a career from singing? Part of me says that if I don’t at least try, I will always regret it. But another part of me says that I have very little chance of making a career in such a fiercely competitive world. And worse – if I try, and fail, I could end up losing a lot of my joy in singing.There is so much rejection to deal with in the world of professional singing – and often you don’t get to sing the music you love. And when you become dependent financially on your voice and your singing, that puts a huge amount of pressure onto something precious. Wouldn’t it therefore be better to be content to be a highly proficient amateur or semi-professional, and protect my joy in singing?

So hard to tell! I do know that when I did my first big audition I did become nervous and lost a lot of my joy in singing – my practice became a stressful chore rather than an expressive pleasure. Would I get used to that in time? Or with a little more external success? Perhaps.

I recently read Renee Fleming’s autobiography, which is very interesting – very honest about the difficulties and fears and frustrations of being a singer. She seems to have huge doubts and endless rejections even after she got going professionally – but I have to admit that she seemed to have a real discipline in her practice even when things got tough. And OK, so I’ve had a lot on my plate emotionally lately, but if I were a professional singer I would have to find a way to continue to practice and perform, regardless of what was going on in the rest of my life. Do I have that toughness?

Perhaps not… and yet can I really give up this dream?


3 responses to “Doing what you love for a living

  1. Interesting since I just now got your reply to my post on go for it in regard to writing! You make some interesting points here..i certainly get a lot of joy out of blogging but when you start to submit professionally there is is the performance/achievement factor which could indeed take the joy out of it….hmmm…thanks for giving me deeper thought here!

  2. I had similar thoughts when I came across your post…

    The natural response when someone says “should I follow my dream” is to say go for it, but then the person who actually has to turn the dream into reality is the only one who can really make that choice!

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